Ecoverse Clothing Women's DesignWear Hoodie In Oat With Large Graphic Design On The Back That Shows The Ocean Full Of Single-Use Plastic

Ecoverse Clothing

Ecoverse Clothing redefines fashion with sustainability at its core. Our apparel, made from certified organic cotton, is designed for a circular economy, send it back to be remade when worn out, keeping it in use and out of landfills. For every £10 spent, we plant a tree and remove one pound of plastic from the ocean.

Fashion that’s kind to the planet, turning every purchase into action.

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Social Socks Classic Plum Purple Being Worn On Feet With Black Boots

Social Socks®

Elevate your sock game with Social Socks - where comfort meets purpose. Our socks are crafted from premium combed cotton, designed with cushioned soles, arch support, and seamless toes for ultimate comfort. But that's not all. Every £10 spent plants a tree and sends 10% of sale to charity.

Let's make a positive impact, step by step.

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DesignWear Tees

It's Getting Hot In Here

We were inspired by the warming stripe graphics created by Professor Ed Hawkins of Reading University. They were created to start conversations about our warming world and the risks of climate change. Visit their website to explore more regions.

These dress socks depict how the temperature has changed from 1884-2021 across the United Kingdom. In recent years, our climate has become much warmer, so wear these socks to spark a conversation and help spread the message about climate change.

Your Planet Positive Impact

Planting Trees

Our climate dashboard offers a quick overview of the positive impact your purchases are making:

  • Trees Planted: Track the number of trees our customers have helped plant in the UK and offshore, along with the workdays generated.
  • tCO2e Removed: Measure the tonnes of CO2 emissions absorbed, showcasing our collective effort in reducing carbon footprints.
  • Species Impact: Discover the diverse species planted, each contributing differently to carbon reduction, emphasising the effectiveness of your contribution.
  • Global Reach: Explore the map displaying the countries where our trees have been planted, illustrating the worldwide impact of our planet-positive approach.

At Ecoverse Clothing & Social Socks, we're proud to help the planet, one step at a time.

Explore your environmental impact by participating in the WWF's carbon footprint questionnaire. This tool will guide you in understanding your personal contribution to carbon emissions and offer practical suggestions for reducing and offsetting them.

Saving The Seas

With every Ecoverse product purchased, we ensure the removal of 1lb of plastic.

Through our partnership with 4Ocean, a dedicated organisation committed to cleaning up our planet's waterways. Through our collaboration, you can track the progress as we remove plastic from oceans and rivers, contributing to healthier ecosystems and marine life preservation.