Plastic Reduction and Recycling Policy

Plastic Reduction and Recycling Policy for Social Socks & EcoVerse Clothing

Social Socks Ltd is committed to reducing the use of plastics and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. We recognise that plastic waste is a significant environmental problem and we believe that it is our responsibility to take action to address this issue. Therefore, we have established the following policy:

Plastic Reduction:

a) We will reduce the use of plastics in our products, packaging, and operations, and replace them with sustainable alternatives wherever possible.

b) We will work with our suppliers and partners to identify sustainable alternatives to plastic and encourage them to adopt similar practices.

c) We will encourage our customers to reduce their plastic usage by providing information on sustainable alternatives and promoting eco-friendly behaviour.


a) We will prioritise recycling as the preferred method of managing plastic waste in our operations.

b) We will encourage our customers to recycle their products and packaging by providing clear and concise instructions on how to do so.

We will work with local recycling facilities to ensure that our products and packaging are being recycled properly.


a) We will regularly communicate our plastic reduction and recycling policy to our employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.

b) We will provide education and training to our employees on plastic waste reduction and recycling.

c) We will engage with our customers through social media and other channels to promote our commitment to sustainability.

Continuous Improvement:

a) We will regularly review and evaluate our plastic reduction and recycling policy and make improvements as necessary.

b) We will measure our progress and set targets for reducing our plastic usage and increasing our recycling rates.

c) We will seek out new technologies and innovations that can help us achieve our sustainability goals.

At Social Socks and EcoVerse Clothing, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. We believe that by working together with our employees, suppliers, partners, and customers, we can make a positive difference in the world.