Hear Behind The Scenes

Hear Behind The Scenes

Marc, the founder, sat down with Chloe from eCommerce MasterPlan to talk all things Social Socks.

Marc talks about why he started Social Socks, highlighting the importance of acting towards climate change and ensuring our future generations have the same opportunities as we do today, how sustainability was built into the business from day one and the importance of giving back to charity. 

Marc discusses why he decided to donate 10% of the total sale to charity and the benefits it brings. And how he feels it's essential not just to raise awareness but also to provide customers with a way to give back.

There are big plans ahead, with the journey only just starting. Marc has a clear vision for 2023 and beyond and hopes to build not just a company but a society to help tackle climate change and significant social issues. 

Hear the podcast in full here:

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