Our Global Mission

At Social Socks & Ecoverse Clothing, we have set some BIG goals: to improve sustainability globally and raise '£1million' for charity!

Our founder Marc came up with the vision of Social Socks and then after Ecoverse Clothing. As a father, he wanted his two daughters to experience the world as we know it today. Knowing that we are facing a climate crisis, he wanted to create a brand that could help promote change and build a better future. This way, we all could help and give back so that our future generations can continue to enjoy the planet we call home.

How are we going to reach these goals, I hear you ask? Firstly we practise what we preach; all of our products and packaging are single-use plastic-free, and all paper used is FSC certified. So when an order is placed, we know what we are posting out is good for the environment; with every £10 spent, a tree is planted using Carma, which helps reduce the carbon footprint made from the sale. Then from the total sale of Social Socks, 10% is donated back to charity to which we support WWF-UK and Tommy'sThis then allows them to continue the great work they do! With every product sale from Ecoverse Clothing, we pull 1lb of ocean plastic waste from the seas using 4Ocean.

But we can’t reach these goals without your help and support, so with every purchase you make, every friend and family member you refer, for every social media post you make, showing off your new socks and clothing helps us get a little closer to achieving these goals. Contact us if you want to get involved further or find out more here. 

From the Social Socks and Ecoverse Clothing team